international provider of industrial solutions

A company that always wants to guarantee flexible solutions with high technological content aimed at improving the process and industrial productivity, with all-round technical support and design consulting, without forgetting the Italian taste for detail and an overall view, always keeping in mind the modularity of an in-progress adaptation within the context of the factory: this is PLUS AR, an international provider that represents a reference point in the sector of Factory digest.

Factory Digest is a design philosophy that aims to put man at the centre of the factory, in other words, to correct the excesses of Fordism in a humanistic sense by introducing the rationality of flow diagrams, production, the arrangement of processing and assembly lines, the paths of men and vehicles, parking spaces and lighting, in order to improve ergonomics, safety and efficiency.

In planning the design of the Work Area, PLUS AR’s approach involves global analytical methods such as the holistic principle, intended as an organic aggregate where the output must generate a plus value that is greater than the sum of the single parts, and as the teleological system, considering the Area in question as such. The work thus goes beyond functional, ergonomic and safety standards as it creates ad hoc solutions for the factory environment.

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